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Mar. 27th, 2007 | 10:51 am
posted by: lifeilluminated in final_stage_ooc

Hello! *dodges pitchforks and fireballs* It's me again and I've been a bad neglecting mod. *halo*

Okay, so enough beating around the bush.

I'm resigning as mod. Sounds better than leaving, right?


I'm MOVING! Yay (Well, I'm excited). I wasn't sure if things were official with the house yet, but now that they are, I've got to get my ass into gear and get prepared since it's only about a month away.

I'd like to stay longer, but if I do I won't get anything done. I know I'd just be online the whole day- which I usually do and its a horrible habit. So..feel free to curse me out or just compliment me on my awesomness- kidding, kidding. I like new friends and it's nice getting an email in my inbox saying someone's requested to add me as their LJ friend.

Bon Voyage! and I suppose if anyone wants to wrap things up character-wise, I'm cool with that. Let me know!


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